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Your family is, no doubt, your main priority in life, so when you’re in need of help with a family law situation, you need and deserve the right legal representation. Here at Plymouth County Family Law, we’re committing to serving our clients and reaching the outcomes that work for them. If you’re looking for reliable, expert representation, you’re in the right place.

Life can be difficult when you’re going through a divorce or dealing with a custody dispute. We aim to make life easier for our clients and to simplify what might seem like a confusing and stressful process. Our decades worth of experience in family law make us the right people to ensure you get the representation you deserve and experience an easier and smoother process than might have otherwise been possible.

We can also help with things like alimony & child support, parenting plans, situations with never-married parents and the role of fathers & generative parenting. Each new client is listened to and their needs are carefully tended to by our team. Everything will be done to ensure the outcome of your case is what you want it to be and we’ll ensure as much stress as possible is avoided along the way.

About  Bridgewater, MA

Bridgewater is a small town in Plymouth County, which is located in the state of Massachusetts. It’s about 25 miles south of Boston, making it a great location for people who want easy access to the big city but want to reside in a smaller town that’s a little more quiet and peaceful. In short, it manages to bring together the best of both worlds.

Bridgewater is located on the Taunton River, providing a healthy boost to the local biodiversity and offering the perfect way to take a stroll by the water and enjoy the quiet atmosphere in the town. The town is also located on the Interstate 495 and Route 24, offering ample transport links for anyone who needs those for their job or other reasons.

It’s also home to Bridgewater State University located right in the middle of the town. It’s been there since 1840 by Horace Mann and the BCS sports teams that play here represent the town well. The Bears are very popular in the local community and have provided some sporting successes over the years.

Massasoit State Park is one of the natural highlights Bridgewater has to boast. It’s a wonderful park to explore and relax in because the surroundings there are simply beautiful. If you want to find out more about the history of the town, the Old Colony History Museum, as well as the Taunton Public Library, are the places you need to visit.

Another great place in Bridgewater is the Black Hat Brew Works. It’s a friendly and relaxed brewery that’s great for socializing and sampling great beers. The outdoor patio area is wonderful during the summer when you want to kick back and relax with friends. It’s one of the many highlights Bridgewater has to offer to visitors and residents alike.


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