I believe a family lawyer puts family first.

My family is my most cherished possession. It is the priority. So if you & your family need help then, I know how much it matters. I will extend priority to yours too.
– Eric Mercer


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State Bar of Massachusetts
J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University

An Attorney on a Personal Level

Please, get to know me below.

Welcome to the Law Offices of Eric Mercer. Perhaps you are here because you or someone you love is unexpectedly in the bitter world of Family Law. Everything seems lost and at best, the way forward is dark and uncertain. My purpose is creating order out of chaos by accurately lighting the way forward.

My office and my corresponding caseload are small by design. Most people want their work done by the lawyer they actually hired. Offices that are too big, or too focused on being profitable, must reassign your work to their first available junior employee. On the other hand, I answer my own phone, and if we agree that I will take your case, I am the one who will do all your work.

You can be confident in my stewardship over your case. With three decades of legal experience, the cases I take tend to resolve by Agreement. Being able to reliably predict what the future holds for your case can eliminate the need for protracted and expensive use of the Courts.


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