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With 30 years of family law and divorce services in Plymouth Country, we have the experience and expertise to help people across the county with their family law needs. We offer a complete legal representation service covering family law niches including divorce, alimony & child support, parenting plans, legal custody and never married parents. We’re always happy to hear from new clients too.

We’re always accessible and communicative with our clients so as to provide the best possible service to each and every one of them. When it comes to family matters, we know that our clients need their attention and need to know that we’re working hard on their case. That’s why we keep them up to date throughout and never leave them in the dark.

You can have complete confidence in our ability to handle your case and offer you expert legal representation. Bringing many years of family law experience to your case as well as professional insight, we’ll ensure your case never drags on longer than it needs to. It’s always our aim to ensure your case is resolved by agreement so that it doesn’t need to be dragged through the courts. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you.

About  Plymouth, MA

The beautiful and classical town of Plymouth in Plymouth County, Massachusetts is the place where New England was first founded in 1620, earning it a vital place in the history of the US. Today, Plymouth is a quintessentially American town with a fantastic historic feeling throughout it. The historic architecture and seaside location make it a fantastic place for visitors and home buyers alike.

There are historic sites found throughout Plymouth, including Plymouth Rock. This is the part of the land first touched by Pilgrims and the Pilgrims are also commemorated at the National Monument to the Forefathers at the Allerton Street hilltop. When you live in Plymouth, you can see the history of the country all around you each day.

Being so close to the coast means that there’s lots to enjoy in terms of nature and outdoor activities. Two of the most popular beaches in Plymouth are White Horse Beach and Long Beach. They’re both beautiful sprawling beaches that offer plenty to explore. You’ll certainly want to spend some time there.

There are plenty of fantastic bars, restaurants and places to hang out for the locals and visitors in Plymouth, MA. Some of the best places to eat include Local Yolk Company (ideal for breakfast), Dillon’s Local (amazing local dishes) and Kkatie’s Burger Bar (the best burgers in Plymouth). There’s something for everyone here, so you’ll have no trouble finding great food and great company.

In terms of the location within the state of Massachusetts, Plymouth is located 40 miles south of Boston. It’s not too far from the attractions of the big city but far enough away to be quiet and peaceful throughout the year. Plymouth is even served by Plymouth Municipal Airport, which is one example of the strong transport options in this part of the state.


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