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At Plymouth County Family Law, your family law needs are our priority. We’re here for you, whether you need a divorce attorney or some advice from an experienced family lawyer. With over three decades of expertise in family law, we are best placed to guide you through child support needs, parenting plans, child custody, and visitation arrangements with a calm and understanding demeanor to help you reduce the stress of the situation.

Eric Mercer is a family law attorney able to provide support to you in the Marshfield, MA area. From your initial call through to your case resolution, it will be Eric Mercer picking up the phone and guiding you through. We pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we maintain with our clients by providing regular updates and expert advice at all stages of the process. 

We’re here to facilitate a timely and ideal resolution outcome of your case. Eric Mercer aims to resolve your situation outside of court with an agreement approach wherever possible, to avoid the stress and expense to your family. Contact us at Plymouth County Family Law today for a divorce lawyer, or the most up-to-date and professional advice in all aspects of family law. We’re here to provide calm and considered advice so you can finalize your family law case as effectively as possible.

About  Marshfield, MA


A tranquil town in Plymouth County, Marshfield is located along the South Shore coastline. Home to sandy shores, classic countryside, and beautiful woodlands and wetlands, Marshfield tends to feel like a year-round vacation home for its lucky residents. 

Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary is the town’s local nature hub, home to trails, grasslands, and hundreds of different wildlife habitats and family-friendly activities. The Daniel Webster legacy is present in many different locations throughout the area, including the Daniel Webster Estate and Heritage Center. A Marshfield resident for 20 years, Webster was also a US Senator, lawyer, and farmer, planting many species from across the world on his land.

If you’re looking for golden sands, head to one of the beaches, which include Brant Rock and the dazzling Rexhame. The town also hosts the Marshfield Fair during the summer months so that you can come straight from the beach and onto a fairground ride. Share the culture of the local town with vacationers to enjoy a mixed, vibrant culture that changes all year round.

Marshfield was initially the home of the Wampanoag Tribe and got its name from the saltwater marshes that surround the area. Today, the area is also encompassed by a variety of excellent schools, including Martinson Elementary School. With most schools featuring on the Great Schools list, it’s the perfect place to relocate to if you’ve got a family. You’re also very close to Bridgewater State College if your children are in higher education.

It’s also the perfect place to relax, with many picnic locations, fishing spots, and the Marshfield Country Club. You can visit the Massachusetts State Fish Hatchery or the 1699 Historic House and Cultural Center for a slice of the local history.


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