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We at Plymouth County Family Law understand how important it is for you to not lose this amazing life you’ve made in Scituate. A firm of seasoned divorce lawyers will protect your assets, finances, and integrity during a difficult divorce. 

The easy path forward is when both parties agree to terms and make a final agreement straight off the bat. A Separation Agreement is something we can help you make so that when it comes to court, you have all the relevant documentation for a Joint Petition. This way the Court will see you’re both agreeing to a fair and reasonable settlement and you can be on your way.

Sometimes you’ve got to dig your heels in, we get that. That’s why we also fight for you, the hard way. Either you or the other party has filed for a Complaint for Divorce. This is when the parties wish to contest court hearings after temporary orders and discovery have been established. 

The importance of a family law attorney cannot be overstated here, especially when you’re involved in an alimony dispute. Our lawyers are well-versed in the four different types and whether you’re the payer or payee, we will fight for your personal living standard needs and financial desires with an eye on the long-term scope of your life after divorce.

About  Scituate, MA


The small yet beautiful seacoast town of Scituate is situated around 25 miles outside of southeast Boston. With a population of just 18,000 people, it’s one of the quietest most peaceful coastal towns along the east coast. With incredible views, lots of land, and excellent leisure activities, it makes for prime real estate territory. The average price for a home in Scituate, is currently around $627,000, up 6.7% from last year. As you can imagine, there is a lot of hard-earned wealth in the area, and many view the town as a retirement or holiday haven. 

It’s a very charming place to live, with beautiful seashells littered along the shoreline and beaches. The boat harbor gives respite to the local fisherman as well as the residents who wish to go for a calming ride along the coast in the North and South River. In 1810, the lighthouse was built and is still serving to keep boats and ships safe today. Known locally as the ‘Old Scituate Light’ it formed the iconic image of Scituate we know today.

As one might hope from a prominent coastal town, the seafood is superb. In fact, according to Google, not a single one of the many seafood restaurants has been given a rating lower than 4-stars. It’s common to be served fish in the afternoon and evenings, that was caught in the morning. Rexhame Beach is where you can walk off your fine dining meal. The sand is soft, and the array of beach houses will light up your nighttime stroll. This is a great place to walk your dog and watch the sunset with your spouse. Despite being an open front to the North Atlantic, the weather isn’t quite as unpredictable as other more northern cities and towns, thanks to Cape Cod Bay acting as a buffer.


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